The Head of International Relations in Chiang Mai University, Mr. Karim Hussain has visited our university. He observed a class of English Department and inspired students.
Chiang Mai University is a public research university in Thailand. Providing various study fields, Chiang Mai University holds a lot of international students. We hope MWU students can go and learn there

Exchange students showed deep interest in our historical architecture, Koshien Kaikan.
The tour took place on October 30th, and students learned the great history about the architecture.
The architecture was originally built in 1930's as Koshien Hotel. It is western sophisticated architecture, but also has many Japanese authentic features.
Students looked excited to look around this significant art.

It looks like students had very spooky lunch time in Halloween Party 2018.
The party was held as one of the Communication Plaza events. Club IEO members and exchange students enjoyed various activities related to Halloween.

Welcome Party for new exchange students has been held with lots of fun.
Club IEO students, who are eager to interact with foreign students, warmly welcomed the new exchanges from Taiwan. Other exchanges also had fun with new friends.
It will make their MWU life even enjoyable and fruitful.

Exchange students in MWU participated in Kawachinagano Grape Harvest event.
Kawachinagano, located in Osaka prefecture, is famous for grapes. Students enjoyed harvesting and eating grapes.

We would like to give warm welcome to the new exchange students, Saku and Kyu from Ming Chuan Universtiy, Taiwan.
They will study in our campus from this semester and will stay in Japan until next year. We hope they will have great experiences here in MWU.

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