We warmly welcomed 5 international students from Ming Chuan University, who have started their experiences of "Study in Japan 2020" program. The opening ceremony and the welcome party were held on January 30th at Global Studio, conducted by Prof. Horie, the head of International Center.

The ceremony was started with the welcoming comment made by Vice President, Prof. Kawai. He said that he was looking forward to meet them after they completed their studies in MWU and see how much they had grown.

The international students will study Japanese language and cultures for three weeks in Japan.

Nana Miyamae and Mika HHaruki, who are about to start their exchange programs abroad, made an official visit to our president's office on February 4th.

Our President encouraged them, commenting "This experience will enhance your future career with enlarging your perspectives and making you more courageous women." Two students told the President about the reasons why they decided to participate in exchange programs and their plans what they would do during the eight months.

Ms. Miyamae will be studying at Hannam University, and Ms. Haruki will be at Ewha Woman's University, both of which are located in South Korea. They will start their studies from March and plan to finish on December.

Mukogawa Gakuin celebrated its 80th anniversary on November 11th with 2000 distinguished guests invited to the ceremony.
Guests were warmly welcomed with students playing mandolin in the hall lobby. The ceremony started with our President's speech. "I sincerely hope students in MWU will be proud of our long history and gain greater ability to work for society here." he said in his speech.
Congratulatory addresses from invited guests were followed. Also, chorus performance were given by Prof. Fukuhara from Art Department.
Another chorus performance was given by chorus club teams from Mukogawa Women's High School and Junior High School. The performance was embellished with kindergarten students and our school mascot, Lavy dancing along with the songs.
Then students who are successfully progressing their careers were introduced. High and Junior High School introduced their robot team and showed a robot they invented. Three students who are expected to be in Tokyo Olympic 2020 expressed their willingness to the game and were encouraged by former Olympic athletes. Fumi Nakanishi, who graduated Art Department and is currently learning chorus at Conservatorio di Musica “Arrigo Boito” di Palma, performed her sophisticated chorus and impressed the audiences.
The ceremony was closed with a performance given by a big chorus group, which consists of students from MWU, high and junior high school. They sang our school anthem.