Mukogawa Women's University has now reached its 80th anniversary on February 25th.
Our founder, Kiichiro Koe established the former school of MWU on February 25th 1939 to provide education for women.
MWU today has 7 educational institutions; graduate school, undergraduate school, junior college, high school, junior high school, kindergarten, and nursery school. The number of students in total is approximately 12,000, which makes MWU one of the biggest women's schools in Japan. There are also approximately 190,000 graduates.
With this historical point, we have hailed a slogan, "Innovate Women's School in Japan", which accompanies the project for coming 90th or 100th anniversary called "Mukojo Action". This year, 2019 will be the very first year we initiate a challenge for a big innovation of women's school in Japan.
For more information about our history or any anniversary-related ceremonies, please look for our special web site. ( ) *all in Japanese
Also, "Mukojo Action" special web site will provide specific information or news about our Mukojo Action project. ( ) *all in Japanese

We warmly welcomed special visitors from Hannam University, South Korea.
20 students and teachers visited MWU and enjoyed our campus tour and lunchtime in our cafeteria, Azalea.
MWU students who have been to South Korea for exchange joined the lunch and had great time talking with them in Korean.
Hannam University and MWU have been partnership universities for long time and doing exchange programs actively.
Thank you for visiting us today!

Akino Shirane, a junior in English Department, has won the third place of Hong Kong Cup All Japan University Student Ambassadors English Program 2018. This speech contest aims to stimulate the cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Japan and the final was held at KDDI hall in Tokyo on January 19th.
Akino has revceived the prize with being assigned the Hong Kong student ambassador for this year. She will attend various public events and will be dispatched to Hong Kong on March for two weeks.
She expressed the happiness in the interview commenting "There was one girl in my seminar who won the first place in the previous contest and inspired me to take on a challenge. She and my teacher, Mr. Shimizu helped me a lot practicing for long time. Thanks to them, I could won the prize."
Mr. Shimizu, who has supported three winners in the past, described her presentation as "filled with uniqueness". "She prepared everything by herself, from arranging her own uniform and tools she used in the speech to drawing all the illustrations she used on her slide. The win was truly by her excellent English skill and by her excessive activeness. Her win stimulates my eagerness for teaching as well." he added.